The Corporation has set before itself the following objectives:

  1. To encourage and facilitate globalization of India’s trade.
  2. To assist Indian exporters in managing their credit risks by providing timely information on worthiness of the buyers, bankers and the countries.
  3. To protect the Indian exporters against unforeseen losses, which may arise due to failure of the buyer, bank or problems faced by the country of the buyer by providing cost effective credit insurance covers in the form of Policy, Factoring and Investment Insurance Services comparable to similar covers available to exporters in other countries.
  4. To facilitate availability of adequate bank finance to the Indian exporters by providing surety insurance covers for bankers at competitive rates.
  1. To achieve improved performance in terms of profitability, financial and operational efficiency indicators and achieve optimum return on investment.
  2. To develop world class expertise in credit insurance among employees and ensure continuous innovation and achieve the highest customer satisfaction by delivering top quality service.
  3. To educate the customers by continuous publicity and effective marketing.