Customer Specific Policy Cover

In order to cater to the specific need for export credit insurance cover, of reputed large value exporters which otherwise could not be fully addressed under any one of standard products, the customer specific policies have been introduced and are issued to large exporters on a selective basis on the merits respective requests for such cover. Normally such policies are issued without changing the basic risk cover profile of the export transaction.

Some of the features of customer specific policies are as under.

  • Policies can be issued combining feature of more than one standard type (Off the shelf) policies;
  • Policies are issued with the base cover of an appropriate standard policy with added feature from other standard policies if required;
  • Customer specific policies are considered only in respect of cases where anticipated annual premium is more than Rs.30 lacs;
  • The customers policies are issued in line the credit insurance covers approved by IRDA.

For further guidance regarding above the exporter may contact the nearest branch office of the Corporation with relevant details of their exports activities.